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You have an idea for the next best thing and a desire to impact the world.  Luckily, crowd funding platforms are making it easier for ordinary people to start new projects every day.  However, easy access to these platforms does not translate into easy success. In fact, more crowd funding projects fail than succeed.

Maximize Your Crowd empowers you to realize the full potential of your dream.  Throughout the book, you’ll gain insights into the process of maximizing each element of a crowd funding campaign, obtain insider secrets about the biggest surprises, and learn to build upon the lessons of previous projects through relatable case studies.  With this knowledge, you can skillfully join the elite group of Kickstarter success stories and bring your dream to fruition.  

Find out how webeat the odds

Before our own campaign, we spent dozens of hours researching how to be successful. And it worked - with a 27% chance of succeeding, we raised 156% of our goal, totaling $54,000 in just 5 weeks. 

To stand out, you mustequip yourself

114 new projects are launched every day on Kickstarter.[3] Set yours apart by becoming a smart, thoughtful, focused campaign manager armed with the resources, tips, and mistakes from successful campaigns.

Every human has the spirit and the ability to dream,
  1. [1] Average in 2012. Source:
  2. [2] Average since Kickstarter launched. Source:
  3. [3] Average in 2012. Source:

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Liklihood your campaign will succeed in Any Category with a goal between $1 and infinity There have been 79645 similar
projects, 34744 of which succeeded.
Improve your chances with

Our campaign on Kickstarter had just a
27% chance of succeeding, so we conducted
dozens of hours of research before our
campaign, and wrote about all of the
surprising discoveries we made during
our campaign (which went on to raise
156% of our goal) all of which is
included in "Maximize Your Crowd"

What’s your probability for success?

Calculate your campaign’s chance of success, based on success rates of similar projects. [2]

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  • $1k - $9,999
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  • $100k -$999,999
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